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As a business looking to grow and develop, your website has to stand out in a competitive marketplace. Digital Cubed is committed to working alongside SME’s to help build brands online.


Running a small to medium sized business can be a difficult job, and one that requires special people working together to achieve the company goals. If a small business requires a strong internet presence this can be even more difficult to achieve as you need to balance the requirement for a focused, yet visually impressive website with a reduced budget. Here at Digital Cubed we have often spoken to small business owners who have said, ‘I’d ideally like my site to be like x-company’s, but we simply wouldn’t have the budget for that kind of thing’ and our response has always been the same; that we will strive to give you a better website than the one you identified, within your budget. Sometimes this is achievable and sometimes of course it isn’t but we always work our hardest to provide the best work for the best price.

Here at Digital Cubed we believe in investing in small companies because we have been in your position before and we understand that your goals and concerns will not be the same as the large enterprises, but that one day you may be one of those large enterprise companies and will hopefully still be working with us. We also provide more than just design; here at Digital Cubed our team comprises of specialists in marketing strategies, professional copy, support solutions and advertising and we also have fantastic hosting and maintenance options. All of these services are made available to you, and with our range of flexible payment plans your business couldn’t be in safer hands.

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