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INCREASE SALES SUCCESS THROUGH EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION: A fully integrated on-line management & communication tool for businesses.

Manage on-line

Sales representatives can view, organise, download and manage presentation material all on-line in a highly personalised way. Access a searchable library of marketing material & support information.

Communicate designs, concepts & themes
Re-engineer your presentations with impact, innovation and clarity through live communication with our global support network.

Designed for flexibility, integration and efficiency, Digital Cubed Presentation Management Portal offers salespeople streamlined applications to configure new presentations.

Deliver supporting content
Digital Cubed equips you with supporting material to sell effectively and deliver a superior service. Access an order & distribution service of presentation related material to enhance your selling power.

Monitor Progress
Integrated tracking and detailed reporting gives salespeople a comprehensive, up-to-date view of completion timescales across your business. Remain informed about production activity on the move with SMS & e-mail responses.

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