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What system requirements do we need to run these presentations on our computer?
No software is required for these presentations. All files are designed so that they run automatically on Windows XP, 2000, 98 without any need for installation or software.

What restrictions do we have in the design of our presentation material?
All presentations are created with the collaborative efforts of our clients. We understand your needs and then communicate them effectively within our designs. What is so amazing about multimedia is that the versatility we have available to us means that what ever the requests we can create it.

How do I know which presentation services will be most suitable for my company?
At Digital Cubed we understand each company is unique. This is why we assess your needs on an individual basis and tailor a complete solution.

What if I am unfamilar with the portal service?
We have made our portal as user friendly as possible. Clients are able to customise interfaces and have access to real-time support from Digital Cubed Global Support Network. We also offer full training on the usage of this service and the integration into your business.

How can we ensure that work is completed to our tight deadlines?

We invest in a dedicated structure specifically for your company, which means that your on-hand designer(s) know your company, how it operates and in particular how you need your presentations to be designed. We understand your timescales and have resources available to meet your deadlines throughout the year.

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